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The Best Survival Water Filtration Straw Review

Survival Water Filtration Straw Review

The water filter is used to drink water from cup, bottle or any water source. The features of the straws are wide housing, more durable and long time lasting. The straw can remove more than 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The activated carbon can remove waterborne chemicals, odors from water. At the same time, it improves the taste of water. It has the power to remove sediments or dirt from water. The capacity of the filter is 30 gallons.

The Frontier Straw Filter is designed with a pocket-size powerhouse to render dependable and harmless backcountry water. The filter is compact and made with the ultralight design. It is the best portable water filtration solution found normally.

The filter gives you the opportunity to drink water from a bottle, cup or direct source of water. It is made with a reusable pouch which can be filled for further uses when the filter is not used. It has BLU Line safety measure- a dependable protection that is great for quick moving springs and streams. The filter is made with coconut shell carbon that reduces waterborne chemicals.

Besides the filter develops the taste of water, removes foul odor and ensures emergency safe drinking water. The cost of the BLU is low. It is an excellent choice for backup use and outdoor use. It also saves water chemicals and protozoan and saves from waterborne diseases.

Features of Survival Water Filtration Straw

  • Very fruitful for protozoan cysts
  • Good water filtration system for camping, hiking and emergency situation
  • Economical – 1 System filters having the capacity to 20 gal. (75L) of water
  • With it, one can drink pure water from any source of water.
  • Offer 30 gallons of water; one time uses only.
  • It can remove 99.999% of Giardia or Cryptosporidium and ensures safe drinking water.
  • The filter is lightweight as well as compact for emergency water filter system. Adjustable to a pocket
  • You can use it one time. The capacity is thirty gallons.
  • The filter has activated coconut shell carbon having Miraguard Technology removes algae, mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew inside the filter


  • Weight is very light
  • Portable and compact. You may keep it any pocket you like
  • The price is low.
  • Possible to filter smelly dirty green standing water. The taste of water is like the tap water.


  • The work is just like that I am sucking in front of a vacuum. I am failed to suck out water. I need to leave it without getting a mouthful of water. After sucking from five to ten, I only get a little bit.


When you use the Aquamira Micro Absorption Technology, you will get Frontier BLU Line Protection. The technology adds activated carbon coconut technology shell carbon and medical grade microporous plastic to make a taste and odor filter. The BLU Frontier BLU line filter is tested in the independent laboratories and removes protozoan cysts to ANSI/NSF US EPA standards and Standard 52.

There is a sub-micron carbon particle within the filter media develops the capacity to remove chlorine, bad tastes, harmful chemicals, odors to ANSI/ NSF Standard 42 requirements. The Frontier BLU Line Filters are tested and proved very useful to remove Cyanotoxins like Microcystin and some other biotoxins.

How it works – Survival Water Filtration Straw Review

Survival Water Filtration Straw review

Stage 1: Water Inlet

At the nadir of the SURVIVOR FILTER, you will get the Mesh pre-filter or inlet combo. The section has direct contact with the fresh water reservoir and may be adjusted with 28mm tread plastic soda bottle. The Mesh Pre-Filter sits inside the water inlet, offers the first line of protection to eradicate large particles. There are four replacements of the pre mesh filter of the case. For more information, you may contact the manufacturer by calling them or through emailing.

Stage 2: Membrane Ultra Filter

Hollow fibers are used in the Ultra Filter which is tiny hollow tubes just like the straw. The membrane is used to work on some algae, pollen, viruses, bacteria, toxins, germs and heavy metals. The water that passes through the filters holds most solids.

As water passes through the filter, the time comes to clean it or to remove the filter. To clean the filters, follow the following instruction to disassemble the survivor filter, the back flush or the filter flow clean water from the opposite direction and reinstall it then the filter is ready to reuse.

Why you like Survival Water Filtration Straw

The system is favorite to most of the people. The system is light, and the weight is as much as five quarters. The size is like the roll of a penny. The filter is pretty sturdy and may not crack if it drops in. The straw is perfect. The price is same as the ten-dollar plastic bottle water. The repeated use of the straw may not crack. For your emergency need, you can use the straw again.

As the filter is made of carbon, there are lots of dust at the time of first use. I have forgotten it, and when I first took a cup of water, I found the color is like coffee. There is the implication that the filter has dust after first use. I have taken four cups of water from the system, but I have got there is still dust in the water. Now the color is not like the coffee; it seems the color of weak tea. I feel it is ok, but my daughter and wife are against my views.

What do people think about Survival Water Filtration Straw?

Survival-Water Filtration-Straw

The service of the filter is great. I have purchased one and skeptical about the service of the filter. I need to take care of it so that nothing bad can happen. The price of the straw is reasonable, and everyone can buy it. I would like to buy more filters soon.

– Gary Russell

The result I have got is wonderful. I order free water straw for me, and I could not wait to see the result. I can never think how you can go with the low prices. But at the same time thank you very much.

Ashely Stevens

Final Verdict

When you finish reading the article, be ready to buy the great product. Do not think to drink dirty water. Think always about the safe and pure drinking water. At first, use the product then write down your experience in the comment box. The straw is at your hand for your safe drinking water.

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