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flower bomb review

Flowerbomb has the debut fragrance from Amsterdam-based design team Viktor & Rolf. This is the combined product of Carlos Benaim and Domitille Bertier, Oliver Polge, and keeps notes of tea bergamot, orange tree, sam bac jasmine, freesia, cattleya orchid, musk, amber, and patchouli.

Begins with lots of sugar and a little citrus, slightly vanillin dessert of patchouli and amber, dries down to sweets. There are no hard edges, and it is creamy and smooth. There are few flowers along the road, but all are not assertive. It is unwise to think that you like flowers than the flower bomb.

Features of Flower Bomb

  • A bouquet of sweet and fresh notes come with the fragrance of flower bomb, made with Olivier Pole, Domitille Berthier, Carlos Benaim.
  • It is not sold in the Catalina Island.
  • The product has natural finish and firm hold
  • The product is made with high-quality ingredients.
  • To get promo code buy it from the retail store.
  • If you buy from online, you will not get the promo code
  • Great for social and romantic setting, opulent as well as full bodied
  • Containing Centifolia rose, Sambac, Osmanthus Jasmine, has got the approval of patchouli


  • It has good winter fragrance- it contains undertones but light enough to wear for everyday.
  • Good leveling fragrances


  • You have to spray on several time to keep the scent
  • Price

Brand Story

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren completed graduation from Arnhem Academy of Art and Design and founded VIKTOR&ROLF fashion house in 1993. They are Dutch designers. They are popular all over the world for conceptual glamor. VIKTOR&ROLF desires to make unexpected elegance and spectacular beauty with an unconventional method to fashion.

Flower Bomb Review

VIKTOR&ROLF’s is added to an addictive catalog of smell featuring worldwide bestsellers: Spicebomb, Flowerbomb, and Bonbon are the inseparable part of VIKTOR&ROLF’s. VIKTOR&ROLF’s vision and the fragrance complement the brand’s rendering and prepared with exclusive partnership and advanced collaborations with the foremost companies and the whole world.

Why this is best

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is long lasting and full floral fragrance for women today. If you bath with this, the smell will fulfill all the world with great fragrance. You will enjoy fresh and pure air at the time of inhaling air. The Flowerbomb is the best choice for the women of the world today. There are lots of exquisite ingredients in this Flowerbomb, and this helps the product to secure number one position in the market.

The mixture of bergamot and tea will refresh your body and mind and prepare you for the flower bomb to the core of the perfume. Wonderful rose will draw the attention of the people. Orchid and lovely jasmine may make your dream true. The curtain of mocha or patchouli will throw the cover on your mind with sensuality and desire.

User review

I like patchouli. I like the fragrance of the patchouli. It has very strong fragrance. I use Aromatics Elixir, Angel EdP, Obsession, Youth Dew EdP, etc. It is made with all of my favorite notes; this is not a matter of liking. I do not like it.

This is repulsive. My skin is impossible to scrub off. I have tested it many times and would like to give more chance and every time I regretted it. My husband and I like the Spicebomb.

If you have the great weakness for Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb perfume, buy it quickly. The price of this one is lower than the price of Niemann Marcus or Bloomingdale’s. This is surely the most expensive perfume in the market, but the price of Overstock is greatly unbeatable. The dimension of the bottle shown in the picture is 3.7 oz.

The perfume Eau de perfume is very useful for eau de toilette and will remain for a long time. I have got many complaints against it, and I tried to find it. But the good result is that I have got no negative side of the perfume. I suggest people buy it to have long time perfume. The box and the bottle of the stroller are cute.

Final Verdict

At the time of applying fragrance, there are many other factors that can affect the natural smell of the skin, the procedure a scent smell on you. The factors that may alter the scents are age, stress level, body chemistry, current medication, and diet. Some other factors like the oily skin or dry skin affect the amount of fragrance how much time will it remain on the body.


Flower Bomb Review

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