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This working for anyone, gentleman or feminine, no matter how youthful or how old you are

See what we will learn:

The best procedure to make your body—drop heaviness, quality and solid up, and increase age-defying power, is to employ confrontation training. NOT cardio…NOT running…and NOT by hungry yourself…

The errors you must absolutely ignore is to use an exercise system that forces you to start working out more than 90 minutes per week, particularly if you’re just getting started. Long workouts age you FASTER!

The answer is found in an Old School-style of robustness…one that does not domination extra cardio (you get your cardio DURING these super-short sessions)…and one that takes only 90 minutes in every week.

The consequences have been recognized throughout the decades…and now, YOU can have the “Handbook” version of this correct System that we’ve had the fine fortune to stagger crossways!


About John Doe

I’m John Doe, the Editor of one of the oldest and most popular fitness magazines on the planet and I’m lucky enough to have my wife, work with me side-by-side.

We have a large female readership because we are focused on the truth, not absurd gimmicks, worthless machines, or “diet patches.” (Come on, are you SERIOUS?!? You are WAY too smart to fall for all that nonsense!)


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